27-10-2014 | FUSIONS has amongst its objectives to establish appropriate multi-stakeholder platforms on European, regional and national levels based on existing and new infrastructures, to facilitate discussion between key stakeholders in the food chain, to build consensus and to develop recommendations on monitoring practice and socially innovative measures for food waste prevention and reduction. To this end, four Regional Platform Meetings (RPMs) and one European Platform Meeting (EPM) are organised each year, bringing together FUSIONS members and other stakeholders from across the food chain.

 2nd European FUSIONS platform in Brussels
The 2nd European FUSIONS Platform meeting will take place in Brussels on October 30 and 31 at the Hotel Bloom, 250 Rue Royal, Brussels. You can still register for this event via this link. You can book a room at the meeting venue via the following link. The attendee code is WAGE291014.  The event is free of charge, including lunch and coffee breaks. All participants must cover their own travel & accommodation expenses, including dinner. There is a limited number of reimbursement fees for small, non-profit organisations otherwise unable to participate to this meeting. Let us know a.s.a.p. if your organisation wants to apply.

The programme has been updated with a description of all the key notes and consultations that are in store for you during our two-day event.

Practical information

  • The event is located at the Hotel Bloom, 250 Rue Royale in Brussels.The Hotel is easily accessible by public transport as it is located near the Brussel Nord train station, and metro stations and buss stops. Also, the hotel has its own (paid) car parking facility, located at the back side of the hotel. You can find more information here.
  • Upon check-out, you can use the Hotel’s luggage store room to keep your bag safe during your attendance to the meeting.
  • Free WIFI is available throughout the meeting, a password will be made available during the days.


  • The registration desks opens at 11.30 hrs on Thursday 30 October and 8.30 hrs on Friday 31 October.
  • You can pick up your badge and event package.
  • At the registration desk (located at the PATIO), you can subscribe to the break-out sessions of Friday, on a first-come first-serve basis. There is a maximum to the number of participants to each session, so come early to take your favorite pick. opprtunities to sign in are during the lunch and coffee breaks on Thursday, and on Friday morning before the start of the first plenary session.
  • We will showcase an overview with the names of participants to each session in the PATIO, and you will receive a handout that notes your choice.
  • The rooms for the break-out sessions will be called after the plenary introductions by Karin Östergren (morning sessions on quantification) and Matteo Vittuari (afternoon session on policy).
  • You will receive a colour coded sticker on your badge to indicate you represent a stakeholder group such as governmental institution, industry, knowledge institute, trade association, NGO or consultancy.
  • If you bring a poster or folders to share with participants, you can leave them at the registration desk and we will take care in their display.
  • Please return your badge after the event so we can use the for the next platform meetings.

Join in and be inspired by keynotes from DG Sanco’s Chantal Bruetschy and WRI’s Kai Robertson , who will inform you on the latest developments in food waste policy and global food loss and waste measurements.
Their Partners are proud to present you the outcomes and findings of the FUSIONS project in their plenary speeches, including

  • FUSIONS’ Coordinator Toine Timmermans (Wageningen UR, NL) on the projects progress in the past year
  • WRAP’s Sophie Easteal on the role of social innovation in preventing food waste
  • SIK’s Karin Östergren on reliable data for quantifying food waste in EU-28
  • University of Bologna’s Matteo Vittuari on European policy measures for food waste prevention through social innovation

They have attracted excellent speakers from FUSIONS’ Member organisations to deliver inspiration pitches at the consultation sessions including:

  • Michael Minch Dixon from Snact, UK
  • Joris Depouillon, food waste entrepreneur
  • Odile Le Boloch from the Irish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Alfred Vara Blanco from ARC Waste Agency of Catalonia, Spain
  • Ann Marie Manhart from Envicient, Austria
  • Clementine O’Connor from BIO for Deloitte and associate to the UN Environmental Programme and others

Please find attached the final agenda.

Source: EU Fusions