At the REFRESH Final Conference in cooperation with the Barcelona Design Center on 10 May, 2019, they will present and discuss the REFRESH project results and spur future action on EU food waste reduction among business, policy, research, social innovators and civil society. Preceding the conference, on 9 May, 2019, a selection of field trips and events will be offered, featuring food waste innovators from business and civil society in the Barcelona area.

Key areas from the REFRESH work that will be showcased are:

  1. The development of voluntary agreements across the food supply chain showcasing the experiences of Spain, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and China that resulted in the “REFRESH voluntary agreements blueprint”
  2. Approaches to reduce consumer food waste through changed household food management practices, business practices and policy interventions
  3. Ways to use and valorize unavoidable food waste for animal feed, fibers and chemicals, and the assessment of their environmental and economic benefits
  4. Opportunities arising from an integrated perspective on sustainable food systems and food policies that include food waste prevention and reduction and achieve multiple sustainability benefits.

The programme for the main day of 10 May will take place in the Disseny Hub Barcelona. It will use innovative participatory methods, arts and design, and hands-on activities to achieve maximum impact. 150 participants from across Europe are expected.

In the evening they will continue networking at our “REFRESH Disco Chop”. Together you will dance, chop and cook rescued veggies to music, reflect on the impressions of the day and share a delicious meal made from food that would otherwise be wasted. The evening programme will be brought to you by Feedback Global and Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments (PAA).

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

Want to know more? Check out the website of Refresh. Here you will find information on the agenda, registration and contact details: find out more.

REFRESH Final Conference event details:

Date: 09/05/2019 to 10/05/2019
Place: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Organizer: Ecologic Institute
Language: English

Bron: EU Refresh