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Have you got a question or idea? Get in touch via the contact form below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. A few questions are asked more frequently. Therefore, check to see if the question is amongst them for an extra quick reply.


I want to write a guest blog for No Waste Network, is this possible?

Of course we’d love it if you’d like to write an article for No Waste Network about your initiative, results or tips in the fight against food waste. Pitch the idea in the contact form. Then we’ll get in contact with you. It’s important to mention that we do not have a budget available for guest blogs.

I'm looking for a job, have you got anything available?

Great to hear that you see No Waste Network as a potential employer. At the moment we haven’t got any vacancies. Follow us on LinkedIn to be one of the first to be updated if a vacancy comes online.

I want to send you a press release from my organisation, how should i do this?

At No Waste Network we’re always interested in receiving relevant press releases. Send an email via the contact form. Then we’ll let you know which email address you can place on the mailing list.

I'm looking for information for my study project, could you send me some additional information?

Are you looking for information for your studies? Then have a look around our website. The information that’s available to us, can be found on the website. Additionally, at ‘partners’ you can find more interesting parties that can help you further or where you can find more information.

For my studies i need to carry out interviews, can i speak to someone from No Waste Network?

We work in a small, close-knit team at No Waste Network. Therefore we cannot meet all requests. We do, however, find information exchange very important. So send a short explanation of your research or project via our contact form. Then we’ll discuss internally what the possibilities are. Feel free to look around the website for more information surrounding food waste and other initiatives.

In order to realise a project i'm looking to secure some finance, would i be able to approach you for this?

Fantastic that you’re working on new projects in the fight against food waste. No Waste Network is a platform where knowledge, inspiration and news is shared. Unfortunately, we are not a financial partner and do not have any funds available. But we’d love to stay informed of results of the final project!

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