Ahold Delhaize, the mother company of Albert Heijn, eagerly wants to do more to counteract food waste. There’s a reduction of 50% by 2030 on the agenda. This is a big change compared to their earlier target of a decrease of 20% by 2020.

The UN Climate Summit in New York this week brought about a worldwide initiative where large retail chains want to counteract food waste.

The supermarket group Ahold was already working on other measures against food waste. They implemented technological advancements and worked together with local communities where unsold food is donated to poor people. Now smarter logistics, packaging and discounts in particular are leading. New measures will be looked at in order to tackle the problem of food waste.

Top man at Ahold Delhaize, Frans Muller, released the following statement: “Reducing food waste in our shops and distribution chain is a good thing for our company, the climate and for improving food security.”

Source: Telegraaf