On Wednesday 16th October, during World Food Day, Instock will serve up an ‘All You Can Rescue’ dinner. The restaurant that’s put food waste on the map since 2014, asks for more attention towards a better food system. For the evening guests can, for a fixed price, eat ‘rescue’ as much as they can muster.

Eat as much as you want for a fixed price. The ‘All You Can Eat’ principal gets a sustainable twist on World Food Day at the restaurants of Instock. At Instock every day they cook with ingredients that would otherwise be wasted. From wonky peppers to surplus potatoes: their chefs create gastronomic delights with it. “This way we ensure that these products are still nicely destined for the plate. Furthermore, we are also donating around 30% of all rescued ingredients to the food bank”, said Freke van Nimwegen. With a dinner at Instock you’ll not only enjoy surprising dishes, but you’ll also be helping people with a small purses worth of fresh fruit and vegetables and take part in the fight against food waste. That’s very necessary, because roughly a third of all the food produced in the world is still always wasted.

This is how it works

‘All You Can Rescue’ offers guests of Instock the option of rescuing unlimited food from waste for a fixed price. “A win-win if you ask me”, says Toine Timmermans, food waste expert at Wageningen University & Research and director of the Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling foundation. “As a guest you get a great deal from it and you’re doing your bit towards making a #wastefree Netherlands.”

During the whole evening dishes can be ordered in rounds.. In order to overcome waste, there is a maximum of two dishes per person for this. Have you finished your plate? Only then can you order a next round.

Food security

On World Food Day, food security is pivotal. Around one in nine people structurally don’t have enough food. “It’s even more skewed that there’s still so much good food thrown away”, finds Freke van Nimwegen. “We’re also doing our bit for charity and we can’t do that without the help of our guests. By coming to eat at our restaurant, we can continue to pursue our mission.”


The ‘All You Can Rescue’ dinner takes place on Wednesday 16th October at all three Instock restaurants in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht and asks 30 euro’s per person. Wondering what’s in store? Take a glance at the menu for an idea. The menu can actually change daily, so it stays a surprise! Reservations can be made via the website www.instock.nl or by telephone:

Instock Amsterdam – 020 363 5765
Instock Den Haag – 070 412 6192
Instock Utrecht – 030 662 8222

About Instock

Instock was founded in June 2014 by four employees at Albert Heijn. They were confronted daily with food waste and together decided to make a plan to fight against this. Meanwhile there are now three restaurants in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht, one food truck, one product line and a B2B market place called InstockMarket.nl. Since then they’ve already rescued more than 700,000 kilo’s of food.


Source: Persbericht
Image: Instock