About the innovation

The Metro Group has tested the “FreshIndex” app in five of its hypermarkets.

The index is based on the hygiene data of manufacturers and the actual storage conditions of products.

The FreshIndex is not printed as a fixed best-before date. Instead, it is readable via an app and displayed digitally, e.g. on digital price tags and in online grocery stores.

As a result, the system remains dynamic, so long as the product temperature is monitored, the index is automatically updated.

How it works

Unlike the static best-before label, the dynamic best-before date (DHD) is not printed as a fixed date, it is calculated dynamically for temperature-monitored products.

For example, the current DHD can be read out on digital price tags, in the online grocery store or via an app.

FreshIndex toured Germany to showcase the FreshIndex in various Metro stores. The demonstrations took place in the store.

Visitors and employees at the five stores could learn about the most accurate and dynamic best-before date.

The joint project ran for five weeks from 5th August in five Metro wholesale stores.


This technology could help make an important contribution to the reduction of food waste as retailers are able to monitor food storage conditions more accurately, and incentivises shoppers to buy food before it is spoilt.

Source text: IGD

Source image: FreshIndex