By means of a new technological development the shelf-life of fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruit can soon be prolonged. Belmark and PerfoTec are together working on the development of a laser technology that not only reduces food waste, but also the CO2 emissions.

The goal for Belmark company is to improve the fresh market in America. In order to achieve this they offer a large range of different services and products in relation to packaging. The company is based in Wisconsin and additionally has sales teams spread across the rest of country. To choose the best packaging material the sales teams work closely together with their customers.

The new technological step to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetables is to use a Fast Respiration Meter in the first stage. This collects measurements about the product with regards to oxygen and carbon dioxide. After this technical staff analyse the data with the help of the PerfoTec software. In order to most effectively retain the quality of the product the optimal number of micro-laser perforations is then chosen. Combined with the size of the perforations, this leads to the longest possible shelf-life of the fresh fruit and vegetable products.

Belmark entered into partnerships with PerfoTec due to MAP-packaging technology that’s primarily used for fresh fruit and vegetables. PerfoTec’s laser technology is also the only one in the world that has a patented closed loop-camera system. The OTR (oxygen transmission rate) of every packaged fresh product is guaranteed as every perforation is checked by the system. Not one other North American company up until now can offer the same system.


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