PerfoTec has an innovative way of packaging called the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). With the use of new techniques, the company tries to package food in a safer, cheaper and more sustainable way. The goal is to reduce waste and costs because the productivity is being improved. They do this by means of the Laser Perforation System.

“In recent weeks, the world has been confronted with the importance of hygiene and so have the AGF departments in supermarkets. There has been an aversion towards picking up unpackaged products that have also touched other customers. In addition, there is already a conscious need to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and food waste. We shop more consciously, no longer daily but only once or twice a week and we buy more fresh products online. A longer shelf life of fresh products is a more important and topical item than ever now.” – PerfoTec

In addition to the current systems, PerfoTec has now also launched a biodegradable packaging called the PerfoTec C + Film. This consists of a compostable foil in which microperforations have been made by means of a laser. This foil ensures that many fresh fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life. This applies to both cooled and uncooled products. Especially with potatoes there is a big difference; they sprout less quickly.

How does it work?

Oxygen levels are reduced by laser micro-perforations. This leads to a delayed aging process. The biodegradable version of the film reduces the oxygen content even further than the previous versions.


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