14-03-2019 | The Food Waste Fest is the main food waste innovation event of the year. FoodWIN will celebrate and share successful solutions to food waste. Although food waste is a complex and regretful problem, this day proves there are ways forward.

The Food Waste Fest is divided in three parts. It starts with a conference with inspirational speakers on fighting food waste, like Olivier De Schutter, Carina Millstone, Katherina Fox and Jean Moreau. The conference is followed by a networking event including a dinner and a Food Waste Market. The day will be closed with the ceremony of the Food Waste Awards 2019.

The Audience
The Food Waste Fest is where decision makers and civil servants of cities and municipalities, executives and facilitation managers of Belgian and European food companies meet pioneering food waste change makers. We also welcome all press to put frontrunning food waste projects in the spotlight.

Date: 02/04/2019

Place: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Organizer: FoodWIN

Language: English

Contact: Event Manager: Gil Op de Beeck