27-03-2019 | A major British fruit supplier and a craft spirits producer have come up with a unique way to recycle an estimated 166 million surplus table grapes – by turning them into premium gin.

Called HYKE, the gin goes on sale exclusively at 300 Tesco stores on Monday 18 March and supports the supermarket’s commitment to cut food waste.

Each year fruit supplier Richard Hochfeld Ltd, based in Kent, loses the equivalent of 1.4 million punnets of table grapes in the packing process.

But in a combined effort to tackle food waste the company has linked up with innovative West Sussex distiller Foxhole Spirits, and Tesco.

And the launch couldn’t come at a better time with gin sales at a 50 year high and demand for premium gin at Tesco rocketing by nearly 90 per cent in the last year.

HYKE gets its distinctive character from both the grape spirit and a unique blend of botanicals, inspired by the grapes’ origins in Africa and South America.

HYKE gin will be sold exclusively at Tesco, in 50cl bottles with a strength of 40% ABV. It costs £24.

Bron: TescoPLC